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Remarkable quality of green tea.


Green lasted a little more healthy way of eating ginger can mix. Greene can drink a cup every day to get the benefit.

Reduce fat –
Green is good for digestion. Fat oxidation or fat oxidation of polyphenols in the process of being good; Which helps to reduce excess weight.

Reduces the risk of high blood pressure –
According to the study, green tea keeps the body sirake. Klata it prevents blood clotting. Klata the leading cause of heart attack. Regularly drink green tea reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Diabetes prevention –
Green tea is the amount of blood sugar control and blood sugar after eating to slow the pace of growth.

Raise good cholesterol –
Green bad cholesterol away from the blood and increases the good cholesterol.

Cancer of the esophagus –
Green tea helps prevent cancer of the esophagus and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Amnesia to prevent the elderly –
Amnesia is a common disease of the elderly age group. Studies have shown that green tea protects brain cells and protects cells from damage.

Throat infection –
The antioxidants of green in the face to remove bacteria and viruses; To prevent infection in the throat. This is to prevent tooth decay.

Bisannata –
Green out of the material, “thiyanina ‘the brain to relax, work to reduce boredom. However, green tea is not just to eat during pregnancy. Iron and folic acid in the extent of the decrease in the thiyanina. So this time, experts advise not to get Greene.

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