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Why should not be left out the tea-leaves


Insect bite or burn has gone somewhere? Used to wash the affected area with cold water and leave it on the bag. All the suffering will be over instantly. It helps to remove the swollen eye coloring. You can use without having to thin wad of cloth tied to the tea leaves.
Put the washed and dried used tea leaves. Then leave your shoes in the closet or shoes. Jutote smell sweat, and never will be. You can keep the bag.
Keep the bag in the refrigerator for daily use. Place the tea leaves wrapped in tissue. There will be fresh in the refrigerator and clean, without any fresheners. Sprinkle a few drops of the essential oil in the bathroom, tea-leaves can stay on the shelves or in the bags. Cloth bags to keep the school going to college.
Viscous oil used to clean dishes or pots and pans are not tea-leaf pair. WASA bar at night rather than expensive dishes Singh used some of it with water and let the tea leaves. The viscous oil Soak dishes. Wash the normal way. The teeth will be.
This type of tea is very disliked spiders and small insects. Second Place at the corner of the bag or tea leaves at the corner of the room, they will be away from your house.

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