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41-megapixel selfie camera phone!

nokia nokia

Mobile phone market is causing a stir in the 016. The company already has several ideas about concept phones. They know a concept phone Nokia. It is the peculiarity of the phone is completely transparent. There are no more surprises. Selfie 41 megapixel camera phone.
The transparent glass body of the phone has been designed by the Chinese designer Jay W. NDS. Square to the phone. There will also be light in weight. Its slim design is pretty interesting.
41-megapixel rear camera sensor will be used to phone curl jesis. Includes an LED flash. This camera has a rotating module. Rear and front so it can be used in two ways.
Unquestionably, the phone will be Nokia’s Android operating system.
Phone has a 4 GB Ram. 4000 mm umpire Hour battery.
flagship phone Nokia 016 is expected in the market.

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