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13 Stories TechCrunch You do not want to lose this week!


This week, technology companies adapted for Star Wars: The Force wakes premiere with a lot of fun this Easter eggs as PhoneSaber of Google, WhatsApp was ordered to close in Brazil, and we got more information about the Initiative Chan Zuckerberg. Here are our top stories of the week.

1. A judge ordered WhatsApp Sao Paulo, the most widely used application only in Brazil, to close for 48 hours. Brazilian telecommunications companies have been pushing for months to convince the government that the voice service WhatsApp is unregulated and illegal, and have blamed the application to drive millions of Brazilians to leave their cell phone lines. The ban has been lifted. In response to the ban, Telegram experienced a boost of new users.

2. Caitlyn spoke with Fox, chief of staff of the Initiative Chan Zuckerberg on the strategy of Priscilla and Mark philanthropic foundation – and it looks just as much like a home as a charity.

3. Google launched its 2015 “Year Raiders” list, and this year, the basketball player Lamar Odom, terrorist attacks in Paris, and the action game Agar.io made the list of the most popular questions.

4. The Chinese and other search engines domain investors have been buying and short dotcom numeric characters. Guest collaborator Alan Dunn questions whether this is a fad or history in the making.

5. Hacker collective Anonymous targeted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after the real estate magnate called for a ban on all Muslims to enter the United States.

6. Megan Rose Dickey wrote that intersectionality could be key in solving the crisis of diversity technology “Dear White People, You Suck in Diversity”.

7. Ron Miller wrote an analysis of the record revenues of Adobe and how it shows that the transformation of business success is possible.

8. Sarah Buhr and Constine reported Josh can now order “Transportation” in Facebook Messenger from Uber, and soon Lyft.

9. The University of California announced it will invest $ 250 million in new companies “emerging system of the University of California.” The investment is part of a student-centered, teachers and alumni of schools UC 10, with a particular emphasis on new businesses in the fields of life sciences, technology, energy, agriculture and background materials.

10. Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote an open letter of support Muslim tolerance in a post titled Middle Pichai wrote “Do not let the fear of the loss of our values.” “I feel that we should speak – especially those of us who do not they are under attack. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it is also important that they are underrepresented know that these are not the views of all. “

Sundar Pichai

11. The United States FAA began its registration program drones long wait ordering owners drone will have to register their drones with the government for a $ 5 fee from 21 December

12. Romain Dillet reported that Netflix is re-encode their entire catalog to reduce bandwidth.

13. Apple promoted to COO Jeff Williams and Phil Schiller put in charge of the App Store.

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