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Aamir is not in sequel of ‘Lagaan’ film.


There is a saying that the fate of the times that people can change. Bollywood as well as the Oscar-nominated “Lagaan” was supposed to be played by the Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan film. But he refused to go to Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker, Aamir Khan. Amir agreed that the success of the film reached the top. But the topic of Bollywood ‘Lagaan’ director Ashutosh bringing a sequel to the film. Amir Khan is the sequel or not acting. Prachi Desai is the opposite. But another source close to Aamir Khan. According to them, ‘Lagaan’ is not a sequel starring Aamir Khan. There is still a project, not yet started, or of a sequel to the film Lagaan. All goes well until the moment the film honestly can not say anything. As a part of the success of that film was the one who, if he did not, then what’s Sequel will see the same success. Because of the picture that is already generating interest among the audience. However, for the time being ‘wrestling’ with Aamir is busy. So now ‘Lagaan’ and not ‘wrestling’ with Aamir Khan looked at the box office.

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