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The power bank will continue by water!

power bankSmartphone Charging solution to solve the problem, came the breakthrough. The smartphone will be charged to the water without electricity. The scientists have developed a small and a charging device. A view which is similar to a credit card. The charging device includes salt water. Which can generate electricity. As a result, the bank can charge the phone.
This invented the device, the device is filled with salt water. This water produces electricity through a chemical reaction. The device has a standard cable to charge the phone. As a result, you can easily charge the phone.
The charging device JAQ have created an institute named. The device has been given the name of the card. This is the card that will generate electricity equivalent to the battery during the 1800 mAh . IPhone 6 will come as a result of a full charge. It can be charged with the tablet computer. However, with the device to be charged only once.
The power card is now available on the market. The bechari said it will market to its inventors. The card will be available in 1.5 dollars.

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