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Ways to get rid of the allergy

elerfyDodder eyes, scratching and sneezing sneeze to come but could be seen as the symptoms of allergies. They like to have fun, no matter. The study found that, in addition to the monotonous Some symptoms can be seen to suffer fatigue. The allergy-causing pollen in the nose and on the way the body histamine emissions warned. Our body naturally produces histamine.
To get rid of unwanted body into the series as a pilgrim to the histamine response. The problem is caused when the body more responsive to the non-harmful substances. Persistent itching of the eyes and nose with a consequent fall in the water or cold starts. In response to this growing and become annoying to some people and some people have trouble breathing problem, nor is the case. Let us know if there is some way to suppress allergies without using drugs.
1. Neti pot to wash or use nose
We knew that before the use of the neti pot. Neti pot nose allergy-producing material washed away. International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, a research letter published in Italian researchers have found that children in the treatment of allergic a light nose clean and efficient approaches to complement the way. As a result of a significant decrease in the use of anti-histamine to come. Using neti pot twice a day during allergy especially in the morning and back to the outside using a neti pot to clear the nose. Neti pot use caution. It may take a little strange the first time.
II. Local raw honey
Or prevention of allergy is the most effective and popular material local raw honey. This decrease is a result of using long allergy problems. If you know what you are allergic to honey collected from the plant source is playing in your body endurance or strength to endure. No it appropriate for you to check your schedule. Contact your local farmers market, honey, you can specify the source of honey collection.

This is an anti-oxidant that helps to reduce inflammation. A red onion, cut into thin 4 cups of water and soak 8-1 hours. The combination of one or two times a day to drink. This mixture will be like 4 days if refrigerated. You can add a little honey and drink the mixture.
4. Citrus drink
Citrus drink plenty of vitamin C in the body, which is very fast nutrition and remove allergens. So if you have any kind of allergy to any kind of problem please do not hesitate to drink the strong and

For the production of citrus drink two of orange juice, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and half of local organic honey will be needed. Fresh orange juice and lemon juice and mix in a few hours of the day. To get the honey and add ice cubes. Drink this once a day.
· Be careful about drying your clothes. Pollen floating in the air may be trapped in your clothes, even your body can take.
· Allergy problems than the disease they do not keep the window open all day. Various elements of the Quran because of allergies such as pollen, dust and floating bacteria will enter inside your house.
· At the end of the day with cold water to clean your hands, face and skin.
· Keep your carpet clean at all times.
· German study found that people who eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of allergy.
· Processed foods, pasteurized milk Avoid foods.

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