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Speed Star Ero Train!

speedThe new technology is going to change the world every day ever. Technology to reduce long distance perfection. People in the world are planning to watch the sun go the limit. But today, 50 years ago, was discovered in 2674 miles per hour to run a train was able to continue. Ero train name of the train.
In 1963, French engineer Jin Bartin made with its innovative strength on a scale of 112, which is a train on a cushion of air to avoid friction Zet monorail. This train has Bartin Erotrain. Storm could speed train.
Bartin Ero train her a sample design which was about 30 feet from the half-scale version. Where there was a room for four passengers. The 75-foot version had the advantage of a train carrying 80 passengers. Restrain 180 kilometers per hour speed record in 1974.
Ero train benefits to the whole of Paris was designed to be an agreement. But in the absence of adequate amounts bartin died in 1975 in a move that was canceled. Ero train built for navigation are abandoned.
Meglevel was a pioneer of modern trains powered by magnetic force of the current period Ero train. Meglevel 70 miles per hour, the speed of the train.

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