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How to do live streaming video on Facebook!

fb liveOn the phone with video recording facilities so that broadcast directly via Facebook or Verified Celebrities account was opened to users. Currently, this facility has been introduced to the public. So my favorite moments from now broadcast live videos your friends or with everyone else.

For live video recording, broadcast now! “As you will not receive any of the options on Facebook. There is an icon in the status of live streaming video options.

You’ll find a new icon on the icon next to the check-in. If you currently do not have any status you will see a notification on the icon to check-in. Where will be written, “New! Share live video and recorded. “

If you’ve been preparing for the live video recorded and broadcast on the Facebook icon and select Allow access to your camera and microphone. Congrats! End your work.

Then when you’re blue ‘Continue’ button at not touch, you will be asked to describe your broadcast. Privacy on the same screen you can specify your video. Do you want to share videos with your friends, or you can decide whether you want to share with everyone video. Even you can set the options for the video just to see you.

Live streaming video you can store on your selfie or with the rear of the camera. If video does not contain or slice Landscape, video will always show screen Square. If you video recording, the video below Facebook Comments options. Landscape mode options on the right side of the post.

When you’re on the go, the timeline can be seen in the video feed. BIOS screen, you’ll see how many viewers are watching a video, how long you have been recording and live comments. Interestingly, the video store when you do not have any time limit. However, the internet connection is essential. It is better for you to stay in range of Wi-Fi.

Live video streaming still not be to everyone’s notification. So to all of you in advance for sending a status notification can keep up with. After the completion of the live video streaming of the video will show you the video timeline. Anyone who wants to take a look at the video and to increase visitors to your video. The video will be stored in your phone’s memory as well as additional benefits. Later, another social media can reuse or edit video on your requirements.

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