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Web browsers run ‘Windows 95’

win 95But it’s very like the old operating system, who can not run due to lack of suitable hardware, they have solutions for. Web browsers can run on the Windows 95 operating system. According to a report by NDTV. Microsoft’s two-decade-old operating system is still the user’s favorite. But the way to run it is almost closed. With all of the new and the old hardware, the operating system market does not work properly. But even for those who want to use the Windows 95 came forward Ayandia programmer. He made his way through the website users to run Windows 95. With Ayandia programmer that uses the Windows 95 emulator to run the way it has. With older versions of Windows can be used. The website has been set up through database JavaScript code. In fact, the browser on your computer to run Windows 95 can not run. Microsoft Windows 95 to run from a browser, however, the company’s copyright infringement because it is copyrighted. And experts say the websites could be shut down.

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