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Saturn’s ring mystery

galaxyEight planets in our solar system. There are four on the Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. In Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus has rings around it that is not too bright. Saturn is the only exception . It is the most brilliant. The reason that people think this zone has created a zone of mystery. Maybe this is why Saturn’s rings were first discovered. Italian astronomer Galileo discovered the telescope is the first person who discovered these rings. The sad thing is, he was not able to see clearly that this is understood as , what exactly does this brilliant ring. Saturn’s rings are composed of five small and five large belt ring that has been formed consisting of numerous small ring. But just what is the secret that made this ring?

Belt made of ice and dust with. The diameter of the integrated two lakh 70 thousand km. There are five sub-zone of the main ring has been named outward from the inner respectively C, B, A, F and G as a belt. All of the sub-zone, but not bright. There are a few very thin. For that reason, since the world is difficult. Five of the biggest and brightest ring in the ring, the B ring. Again, it’s also the most light and opaque insulation. As a result, the spacecraft has photography everything from the B often seen in black. Scientists are very interested in the B-ring.

Black B-zone
Recently, for the first time, scientists have tried to determine the weight of the B-ring. After the diagnosis, as before it was not so much the weight of the ring elements. The team of researchers have discovered that the ring opaque places, he places the light. It is a wonderful discovery. The B-ring is not the same everywhere. Some place a transparent and opaque place. For example, clean water from dirty water than the weight. For additional dirt dirty water mixed elements and molecules and atoms. Saturn’s ring, but the opposite is the case. Places where the light was supposed to be transparent, secular elite places where the light is.

Moreover, our concept of the B-ring is less than the overall bharao. However, the density of the surrounding some of the B-ring-ring-ring that is still more than 10 times to 3 times heavier than only two. The study was recently published “ikarasa ‘journal. B-belt in the ring for an understanding of the internal elements inside the small band of scientists also have examined them. They say these tiny elements balayake ‘Web Spiral Illusion. ” The reason for the creation of a small sphere shows Saturn’s gravity pulled them.

The inner ring of the small elements that each of them has a different ring structures are different. The structure is different because they are different, and therefore the mass of Saturn’s attraction towards them separate single ball. After knowing all these structures, scientists were able to calculate the mass. The results can be seen, the B-ring “Surface month Illusion” 40 to 140 grams per square centimeter. In simple words, the mass per square centimeter is equal to the weight of the collar.

The main author of the study and a professor at the University of Idaho, USA Matthew headman said, “the same amount of different materials zone that is different from what has been clear. Maybe it is something related to the concentration of each element size or shape of the ring, or it could be related to something different. “

Saturn’s ring difference
Saturn’s main ring can be understood within this tiny The more, the more it will help determine the age of the planet. They are due to the small ring will attract cosmic dust very quickly, until the empty space is filled.

US space agency NASA scientist Linda the first ring of Saturn’s B-ring weighing success, we are one step ahead. This ring is so nice and soft, which is how it was no secret that we do not cease to be. “

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