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Six cures way to Using honey!

healthMany of our favorite foods honey. Health conscious people are now adding honey instead of sugar in their daily diet. We usually have a cup of tea or hot water, add a teaspoon of honey and drink for fat loss. But it is also much more pleasant to use. Honey, medicinal properties to cure many diseases. Let us assume that the use of such 10-day unknown.
As klinajara
Did you know that honey is a great klinajara? Honey, natural ingredients to clean dead skin cells, bacteria away. Again, two tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey, you can create a standard facial Scrub. Which will increase the vitality of your skin.
Byakteriyara honey body to prevent attacks. Apply honey to the wound as studies have shown that antibiotics cure wounds. Please note that at the time of purchase of the color of honey on the market. The darker the honey will be more resistance to disease.
Insomnia spend
Those whose insomnia is a problem, try the habit of eating honey before going to bed. You can drink warm water mixed with honey. If honey has been used as an ingredient or food you can eat. For example, the use of honey was 1 layer of ice cream made with honey. Honey, sugar outflow from the brain to the Pacific will remove your insomnia.

To remove unwanted spots
Honey is very effective to get rid of unwanted body spots. Various scar on our bodies, burned spots, plump body is itchy spots. There is no better solution than honey to remove the stain. 1 teaspoon coconut oil or olive oil mixed with an equal quantity of honey regularly on the margins of the plate. 1 week to see the results.
To get rid of bad breath
Embarrassing mouth odor released from the use of honey can give you. Mouth fresheners may benefit by using a variety of chemicals, but also a waste of money, as well as the gums of the mouth, tooth loss. 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon powder and honey instead of regular ramifications mixed with hot water, you will soon benefit.

Our skin becomes rough winter. elbow, ankle. Every year we have to fix the problem, expensive lotion, moisturizer spend a lot of money to buy. Honey is the natural solution. Keep skin dry after bathing, rub honey. After 1520 minutes, soaked in hot water to remove . Regular use will return your skin glow again for a few days.
Pure honey is very difficult to get. The large amounts of sugar and honey are available in the market is mixed. Buy honey carefully, using the Benefit.

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