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Eating stale food? What could be out of your body

healthThis life has become stale busy to eat everyday. A question comes to everyone’s mind is always the stale bread to eat healthy? How much or eat stale food to be beneficial for health? So let’s see what’s in the body may be eating stale food.
1. Food poisoning

Studies have shown that bacterial food increased more than 40 Fahrenheit and 140 Fahrenheit. If you do not leave cooked food in the refrigerator within two hours, but much of the increased risk of bacterial production. Obhane hot oven or kept in the refrigerator before eating it. The internal temperature of 165 F or until bread is 74 degrees Celsius, while the drop down.
2. Digestive problems

The bacteria can cause digestive problems in food. The bacteria may hinder the digestion of food. Which is due to digestive problems.
3. Acidity

If you often suffer from acidity problems? Gastritis or stomach pain is. Responsible for your diet. It is very common in people who regularly ate stale bread is a problem.
4. Nausea

While fresh stale bread that has been made in bacteria. As a result, you may have nausea and indigestion problems.

5. Diarrhea and stomach pain

Is a very common health problem is diarrhea after eating stale. As a result, your stomach pain is caused by eating stale food every day. This is largely due to the gas being produced in the stomach is stomach pain. Keep refrigerated food intake due to heat is a lot of stomach pain. Keep food out of the refrigerator and room temperature for a while. Then take a hot meal.
6. Mild fever

Sometimes fever can be caused by eating too stale. Most of the time, if you suffer from fever if Habits change.
The normal temperature for a while before eating stale food, then the Heat. High heat and hot food. The growth of bacteria in food is a little bit of heat.

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