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64GB of RAM and 5 TB hard disk laptop!

laptopMobile laptops are now daily work required. This phone can be upgraded, so that does not stop the configuration of laptops increased. When people began to be used in desktop, laptop, laptops efficacy was prevented. In today’s world there is a strong performance for grip tab. However, behind the laptop configuration Euro cam technology market, which brought a new laptop hard disk 5 tera bytes of RAM and 64 GB. This laptop model in the Canadian computer maker Uro camera W x 9 Sky.

Euro cam laptops mentioned as a mobile workstation. However, the mobile phone has been told there is no reason to worry about his competence. Laptop advanced technology on the desktop version has been created. Sky x 9 W quad core Intel Core i7 processors will be managed by. It has 8 GB NVIDIA graphics card.

Some of the powerful cooling fan to keep cool while working on the laptop is connected to. 4 64 GB DDR RAM has been used to the speed of 2666 MHz. 17 percent 3-inch full HD display laptop with a rich display 4. Screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Sky W x 9 -3 C laptopĀ a USB port, and also has five USB ports -3. It has a mini display port with four additional monitors can be connected. In addition, an HDMI outlet, a headphone, Mick, two RS-45 ports and Wi-Fi device.

Laptop weighs 8 kg of 4 percent. The Windows 10, 8.1, or 7 can be used on any operating system. 3-year-old has laptop sales service. Laptop price 11,473$. BDT 9 lakh 18 thousand without VAT and tax money.

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