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Samsung updated version of the software J7!

samsungAt 2015 South Korean manufacturers Samsung mobile market in technology brings the benefits of front-camera flash with a J-series J-5 and J-7. The mobile phone market has two good popularity. The new version of the software for the J-7 models come with Samsung Samsung institutions.

Samsung J 7 version of the operating system was AOG5. Previous versions of some software-powered mobile phone battery is not open to occasionally came to a halt and could not be utilized on the mobile phone. AOK5 new version of the operating system. To solve the problem of suddenly being asked to be updated to the new version of J-7 phone.

Samsung Customer Care service representative Tania said, “Samsung J 7 mobile software update takes 15 minutes. Customer Care will take time to solve the problem with the other functions of the maximum 45 minutes. Updated version of the software if suddenly reminded of the problem will be solved. “

Samsung customer care services from across the country that the software can be updated for free.

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