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Salman says Katrina is a day laborer

salman katrinaSalman Khan and Katrina Kaif separation of love despite the friendship did not crack. Two intimate yet warm enough. But recently Katrina went on to praise the opposite former boyfriend Salman gave him trouble. He declared kyatarinake day laborer.

Salman said, “Katrina seen in my life the most hard-working girl. He worked as a laborer. “

Katrina could not take the issue very well telling myself day-laborer. Salman’s comments that he literally fell from the sky. After listening to this even changed his appearance. However, the actress herself.

Katrina said, “I think my co-worker, then it is good. While working on the film to be a lot of ups and downs over. Life, a lot of time, effort and money we spend here. As much as possible I try to do my best, and the rest in the hands of God. “

In fact, the former lover of kyatarinake bizarre comments before Salman came to the discussion. Then he grabbed the actor has always been the opportunity to lark about.

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