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Samsung Galaxy S 6 and S 6 Edge is marshmallow

samsung galaxy s6The Samsung Galaxy S 6 and S-6 Age of the good news for those who use it. Buy, modern and expensive smartphone operating system was so old. Google’s latest Android marshmallow going to get the two models. Samsung said in a statement recently, their two flagship Android 6.0 marshmallow will be two models. Some of the other models will come incrementally. However, in some countries you can get and the carrier before and after the update. The Galaxy S plus-6 edge of not talking. Two models of the galaxy would look like new again with the software update. At least you can change the inside of the phone. Because many new features have been marshmallow phone experience that will change. There are also measures to save battery power. Google announced in May 2015 marshmallow . Through Nexus launched in October. In addition to the operating system update feature Samsung’s Edge, bringing the screen. A further increase in the width of the bottom panel of the phone contact numbers can easily be reached. In addition, new tools and apps are coming. Create Google LG Nexus leave the marshmallow . LG introduced its flagship ji4 in the marshmallow . Samsung was so stuck in this situation. In addition, HTC One M-9 has been upgraded marshmallow . Indeed, Samsung announced that users will be in a good mood. However, soon to be held in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung has two new flagship show. They are Galaxy S 7 and Galaxy S 7 Edge

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