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Walk with future shoes now .



Has earned a reputation as a Nike sports goods manufacturers. The company made the technology combining a pair of shoes. This shoe name “Nike myaga. It is the most famous lines in the movie Back to the Future Marty Mac Fly is the central character in the movie, like the used shoe. The specialty of these Nike shoes with heel straps automatically adjust the covers. Ie hard shoes will not tie the ribbon. It shall bind jutoi paridhanakarike stripes.

According to Nike, the shoe myaga pair of sensors. This would fit in with the wearer’s feet and ankles. The shoe will be able to understand what the master’s feet. Ie tape dhilethala it will automatically atasata sandals. The daumranora while jogging or tape can come across with a little kasei feet.

Nike president and chief executive of the shoe is rich in technology officer Mark Parker said, “We’ve started the legendary concepts into reality. We are making products with new technologies that will help ease krirapremidera. “

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