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There will be 100 crore years to protect the data on your hard disk!

data of hardisk5-D technology to protect the data on your hard disk will be more than 100 million years. A method developed at the University of Southampton University researchers announced. They are good times to the propaganda of this innovation has fitted shelves.

The researchers said they have developed a technology, which is 100 million years to save any data on your hard disk 5 D technology
You can.

The method for storing data in the thermal Fhemto seconds stumble disk laser has been used to bust. The disk
The average 360 terabytes of information can be stored. The heat capacity of the disk is 1000 degrees Celsius. The normal temperature
Information stored on the disk will be protected up to 13.8 billion years.

The disk file three dots wear nano-scale. information 5 dite data can be stored.

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