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Reason of newborn jaundice!

new born childEven if all goes well, after the birth of newborn jaundice may be 70 percent to 80 percent. About 50 percent of children affected by jaundice called normal jaundice. Medical terms is known as jaundice. A little late to be fully operational when the baby’s liver bilirubin levels in the blood, and this is jaundice.


Before the birth of the child or children are born underweight are more affected by jaundice. Several factors are responsible as the cause of the jaundice. For example,

– If the mother and baby’s blood group is different.

– Children at the right time if you do not have enough breast milk, breast-feeding a lot of the time it is called jaundice.

– An infection occurs during pregnancy if the mother.

– Children with congenital diseases, if any.

– After the birth of the baby’s blood if infection or septicemia.

– Liver or Bile purse born baby without any problem.


Note whether or not the child has yellow palm. Normally the baby’s face, hands and chest or the stomach to be seen to be yellow. The color green can be in the mall. Baby’s bilirubin levels in the blood to see the color change will be tested. Change the color of the bilirubin is seen growing to be tested again and again, if necessary.


Any circumstances can not be excluded from breast-feeding infants. After two to three hours after regular baby should be breastfed. In particular, the treatment of jaundice is normal breast-feeding the baby properly.

The sun or the light of the medical treatment

When bilirubin levels are usually given to children light treatment. Although at odds with the benefits and effectiveness of this method is being used so far. The newborn half an hour every morning, the sun is warm. However, the strong sun and the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful for the skin.

Jaundice is cured by the usual seven days. Still, caution is necessary in some cases. Jaundice occurs within 4 hours of birth, not even after seven or ten days if not good , stopped or reduced the child to eat, fever, or signs of infection if the bilirubin level is increased to a child must be hospitalized.

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