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Are you suffering from lack of vitamins? Know the Symptoms!

faceVitamin A plays an important role in the body. There are many different kinds of vitamins to keep the body healthy. Lack of this vitamin to meet the vegetables, do not eat fruit. Vitamin deficiency diseases are caused by the body. There are some small signs that we are neglecting. It refers to the lack of vitamins in the body.
1. Lips

Lips seemingly due to lack of vitamin it is very common, though. B vitamins, zinc, iron deficiency lip corner or the middle part of the burst. Live from eggs, fish, nuts, cabbage, broccoli, etc. Eat.
2. The skin rash

Other parts of the face or skin rash is red. Vitamins A, D, K, E and in the absence of such skin allergies. Salmon, eggs, milk, mushrooms, bananas, cabbage etc. Eat regular meals. Lack of vitamin skin rash that meets the food is removed.
3. Hair fall

Vitamin K, E, D, and especially (vitamin B-7) may be due to lack of hair. Even in the absence of zinc hair began to fall. Bananas, mushrooms, nuts, etc. Keep your daily diet.
4. The whole body acne

Acne is a common problem. But signs of a lack of vitamin A in the body or frequent acne. This is mainly due to lack of vitamin D and vitamin A it is. Reduced-fat eating fruits and vegetables carrots, sweet potato, peanut Keep diets.
5. Muscle tension

There was a lot of tension in the muscles of the legs. B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium deficiency it is basically. Spinach, apples, sweet pumpkin, banana diet chart to keep foods iron and calcium.
Not much importance is given to a lack of vitamins. The start of construction is a disease from vitamin deficiency. Therefore, a lack of vitamins should not be neglected.

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