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Galaxy S 7 is coming with impeccable features!

samsung s7 egdeWorld Mobile Congress in Spain’s Barcelona from February 22th starts. Samsung Galaxy series of new technologies, the fair has released two flagship phones. 7 These are the Galaxy S 7 and Galaxy S 7 Edge .

Samsung Mobile Bangladesh said, Galaxy S 7 edge in the market very soon will be released. The press conference was organized at a city hotel.

Attractive features of Samsung mobile phone at the press conference was presented by the Sales Force Training and Development Department Manager Mohammad Shahriar.

Samsung Galaxy S 7 has a 5.5-inch QHD AJ Super AMOLED curved display. The S-7, S 6 ejeo Samsung’s curved display technology has been used. D glass back cover of the phone. .3 To 4 GHz dual-core phone and four quad core 1.6 GHz processor, comprising.
Marshmallow powered Android phone operating system.

Phone has a 4 GB of RAM. 3 and 64 GB built-in storage memory and the phone will be available in the market. Extra memory card in the phone’s memory can be extended up to 00 GB. The 3600 mAh hour battery has been used. The fast charging and quick charging the battery for the wireless charging technology. World-class IP 68 is protected by phone from water and dust. The phone will be able to run up to 4 meters deep in water for 30 minutes.

Black Onyx, Gold, Platinum, Silver, White Pearl and Titanium will be available in four colors, the phone in the market.

The phone 1440x 2560 pixels resolution display. 534 ppi pixel density over. Glass Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is used as a phone. The phone has a display scale, compass, speed dial, including some options that will meet the requirements of your other gadgets. Always have a phone Wake Up Display. Do not use the power button pressing time, date, missed calls, messages, notifications will appear. Throughout the day, use this option to charge the phone would cost only five per cent. Speed dial a phone number of options have the opportunity to add to the meeting mode. As a result, the vibration call can be understood without seeing the lights of the identity of the caller. The back panel of the phone has a laser light flash options. Touch the incoming phone call, where you can cut.

Aircraft-grade aluminum with a device structure have been made. Do not put the phone to a wireless charging dock cable has the advantage. The smart phone will soon cover. When the phone is connected to the phone, which will take charge of the Smart Cover. Wireless charger can be charged to the full 150 minutes.

Mega pixel camera phone, all smartphone manufacturers, while increasing competition in the Reduced-megapixel camera, the Samsung has increased in value. This is a 1 mega pixel camera with dual pixel. 1.7 The focal point of the camera. As a result, good images can be found in low light. Also at the phone’s camera can focus on the subject.

The important thing is that the camera of the smartphone gaming performance. Allowing the phone to play games during the game using the tool will be void. As a result, the hand touch home button while playing the game, when the game will not be afraid to be off. If you want to write or review the game you want to keep your whole game that contains recordings from your phone memory which allows real-time games. With real-time recording of the game after the game you can watch every minute of the game. After completing a level, you can share it with screen shots of any social media. When you play the game and to protect the battery from the phone too hot to be used modern technology to reduce the pressure.

VR has a gear connecting the phone to watch videos. The 85-inch TV set with the help of the phone can enjoy watching a movie on the big screen. Also you can view the video recorded 360 degrees bed.

S 7 Edge premium quality sound quality. The level of the next generation of UK phone using Bluetooth headphones you will get the feeling of listening to live music. The phone is pre-order customers will receive as a gift a virtual reality headset. VR headset will not want to take the level of the UK Pro headset.

After buying a new phone is quite expensive in the old phone’s data to be transferred to the new phone. Come to escape from this disturbance is 7 AJ with a fast data only without any brand Windows phones, all kinds of information (phone book, messages, call list, music, videos, documents) allows you to exchange only eight to 10 minutes.

The market price of the phone is still no confirmed information could not be found. The phone will be available in the 70 thousand dollar is expected.

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