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10 ways to improve Adsense CPC With simple adjustments

cpcIf you are a blogger and Adsense is your primary source of income, you can not afford to ignore the importance of optimizing Adsense. When we talk about optimizing Adsense, there are many things, but the main objective is to achieve maximum eCPM and more cost per click. Another thing, despite the good Adsense CTR, you may not be making good money. This is very common on non-English blog. If you fall into the category of AdSense publishers that are getting huge traffic but winning Adsense it is still low, it is time to understand the points listed below and this will surely help increase Adsense revenue CPC and global.

What is Adsense CPC:

Let’s start with the answer to the basic question first and then we will move a few tips that work to increase the CPC adsense. CPC stands for cost per click, in sum of money they make / click is what CPC. Now, you may have noticed AdSense publisher to talk more about the CTR and less on the CPC. If you are really serious about your AdSense earnings, you must work in the CPC CTR. Getting thousands print your ad will not be much help, but a blog with a good CPC with decent CTR can make a big difference. CPC has nothing to do directly with traffic, if you would notice and realized micro-blogging niche, you will have noticed less traffic despite such sites earn more money with Adsense. The reason is simple and that is the eCPM for these blogs are so high that you get paid very well for CPC and then there are other factors such as competition ads, keywords and more.

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Factors affecting Adsense CPC:


First things first, choosing a suitable niche for your blog or website is paramount. Cost per click or CPC of an ad depends directly on the topic that you are writing your blog.Well! Let me clarify one thing here that you will choose niche however, there are niches that can pay high CPC. If! Here is the list of niches that can give you high profitability, I have managed in order to decrease the CPC.

Domains – Blogs Internet domains like Yahoo, Go Daddy, etc. It is highest penalty CPC.
Gadgets – high-tech gadgets like Apple products
Google – Products
MS Office – Microsoft
Real estate
Home loans
Dating and romance – Well worth CPC lower.

Points to consider when selecting niche for your blog
Micro dominate Adsense niche sites

The second is the content, you must write content that readers should respond to the query. So before writing blogs try to find what your readers are searching the Internet and then try to present them with solutions.

Remember to always relate directly to your readers. Your content should be adjusted according to your niche so that more and more readers can read their blogs. So good content certainly ensure higher rates of Adsense CPC. More over, good content is what you like search engine, therefore, more click and more income if your ad is very specific and its traffic is countries like USA, UK When a keyword research is done key, be sure to use the approximate CPC column.


The layers of content: Value adding to your blog
How to write out include blog post
Ad Review Center

Google Adsense is on review center. You can go there and see yourself the amount of each category of ads that are paying. This will show different ads from category shown on their website. If you find any ad categories are not paying much, then do not hesitate to block that category.
Try to block those categories that are completely irrelevant to the content or niche of your blog. Suppose the blog Technology is then block ad categories for quotes, politics, religion, etc. This will certainly increase your Adsense income and CPC.

Ad Filter competition

Like the Ad Review Center it is not competitive in the ad filter Google Adsense. You can go there and block specific or general ads appear on your web pages. You can block ads from the entire domain or just a particular website that ads that block domain name.The May belongs to its competitors. So you can increase your CPC to not show these particular ads.

Blogs are read from different platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile, etc. Although the CPC is generally not greatly affected by the platforms on which the ads appear, but should try your best to target as many as readers. You will get most of the readers of portable devices and desktops.

If you are able to reach the hand or mobile readers that can increase as CPC ads displayed on mobile phones they are of higher quality. If you are blogging on WordPress platform, you can use plugins like Wp friendly touch that will make your mobile blog and adsense ads server that is optimized for the size of the mobile screen.


One of the most important factors that can increase the CPC is the country that you are targeting. For example, a click on an ad US You can pay up to $ 2 to $ 3 and click on the same ad India may end up paying only 20 to 30 cents.

Therefore always adapt your blog and its content to audiences in the English-speaking countries. It will also increase the page rank of your website. So always take into account the country that are targeting.

Why low CPC AdSense publishers pigs
Perhaps I should have explained this idea in the beginning of the blog. Anyway, you should know to choose the appropriate format for your ad. If you can place three ads on a page and then choose two 336 X 280 X 468 ads and 60 ads.

Then ad format should be text, because text ads have a higher CTR (click through rate). You can even try ad format for text and image at the same time as it gives you more CPC. Image ads are generally less preferred for reasons so much lower CTR and CPC. Although sometimes, depending on the niche and blog type, image ads do better in terms of higher CTR CPC, but not as good as the text ads. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier that differs from niche type and placement of the most important announcement.


Never leave the placement of your ads on the website, as it is directly proportional to your AdSense revenue. So where to place ads maximum CPC? The answer is simple. Place 2 ads within your blog post and one outside the post.As regarding the placement inside will then place an ad 336 x 280 rectangle on the top of the blog just below the title and place the second 468 X 60 ad in between the blog post. Remaining an ad that can be placed on the right side that is out of office.

Adsense placement guide and Heatmap
Although it should be your choice, and depending on the reason for the blogs. For example, if you are a professional blogger and dependent on Adsense, you should not miss the opportunity to optimize the ad and use the maximum possible blocks ads on a single page. Although if you are a blogger mania or blogs on personal blog, your first goal should provide quality content and fewer ads, as readers hate advertisement that distracts reading.

Let me tell you clicks and higher maximum CPC will 2 ads that are inside the blog Eespecially on top.

keep experimenting

Always keep trying something new. Experimentation can really pay high dividends. You can test for different niches, choose different ad placements and eventually take as much as advice center Google Adsense. Never get stuck in one style always try something new.


In conclusion, he said only if you follow and implement these 10 tips, then you can surely increase your AdSense earnings from 30% to 40%. It is completely legal and genuine way to increase their income in a short time. You can also search adsense CPC higher Keywords and establish one of two messages around.

Let me know what a trick that worked for you to increase Adsense CPC? Do you think niche and trafficking in certain countries creates a huge difference in winning Adsense?

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