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Just a spoon! That will help you sleep at night.

sleep tips

The next day, when the night’s sleep is not good extreme tiredness exhaustion is cut. A good night’s sleep may not be due to various reasons. One of the causes of insomnia. Many people in the world who are constantly suffer from insomnia problems. Many people eat for many different kinds of sleep medicine and sleep. Again, there are many side effects of sleep chemist. Wake up in the morning to eat a lot of sleep medicine still seemed tired. You can not pay attention to the work. Eat a teaspoon of this mixture every night before going to sleep and see the magical effects.
What you need:

1/4 teaspoon of pure honey
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon coconut oil
How to eat:

1. Coconut oil, honey and salt and mix well. Now Khan is a spoon. Then drink a glass of water.
II. In addition, you can eat honey and coconut oil separately. Then drink a glass of water, please. Then drink a glass of water mixed with salt.
How it works:

Pure honey, coconut oil, salt and water in your body and mind to relax. In addition, it has an effect on cortisol, which is middle of the night to sleep, and sleep is broken resistance. Pure Honey is sweet, but it will not increase your sugar level. It will sleep rather quickly. Coconut oil increases energy levels begin to reduce hunger in the morning. Salt your stress level is reduced.
Eat at that time:
For better results in the habit of eating before going to sleep to. If you wake up at night, then eat it again. You will sleep in half an hour.

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