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FIG virtual world, an average of two hours to spend!

smaTendency among people to hang out at a place which is the development of technology. Instead, people are now smartphones, using the tabs are feeling more comfortable to spend time online. As a result, a part of the global day, every man has to spend in the virtual world. Hours, an average of two hours a day, as it has emerged as a Global Web Index data. According to the Global Web Index, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ayaplikesanagulote messaging is increasing the number of people who spend a large part of the day.

50 thousand people of different ages Web user data has been analyzed, each year increasing the rate of spending time on social networking websites. Currently, an average of 109 minutes per day of people spending time on social networking websites. This rate is increasing constantly. However, there are many people who, despite their accounts once a day for a virtual world keeps butting refrain from killing. According to a recent study, an average of seven social networking website account Web users, of which about half are active account.

9 percent of adults under the user’s Internet connection to at least one social networking website account. 85 percent of people have a Facebook account. Why use social media to answer a variety of questions found karenaemana. According to 44 percent of the surveyor, they are in touch with friends using social networking websites. 35 percent no longer lazy butt hit the site at the time. The social media users in 01 to 96 minutes spent daily on average. 100 in 013 minutes and 014 minutes was 103.

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