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The car will run at a speed of meteorite.

carJust one hour to reach Chittagong from Dhaka. No, not talking about flying in the sky. Moving vehicles can be driven on the road and 49 kilometers an hour. However, this will take a fast car. Detroit’s Automotive Electronics Company has announced that the motion. The two-seat car is released next week, Asia and Europe.

The car made of carbon fiber at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds to take time. In the car completed 285 Horse Power. Electric motors are kilooyartera 10 ‘esapih 01 called the vehicle.

Detroit Electronics CEO Albert Lam said, “We are the world’s most widely used battery-powered vehicle. Android App will be based on this vehicle. “

Lam said, tripping over the car where it can be determined from a distance. Android phone apps, users will be able to find charging points around the motorway.

The price has not yet determined the vehicle’s speed. Who will be the first owner of this vehicle would soon reveal the electronics Detroit.

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