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The loss of water due to serious health problems that could be solved 7 reason!

waterIt is important to drink 8 glasses of water per day, most people are tired and fed up listening to. But you know what Water loss your body can cause serious health problems? As a result, you may be infected with different types. Moreover, 60 percent of our body is water. Let us know if there is insufficient water damaging effects on the body that falls to them.
1. Causes disruptions in cognitive and mood
Medium quality loss and can make you cranky and cognitive activities, such as attention, memory adverse impact on the level of caution. Apart from these, the wrath of dehydration, exhaustion can create confusion and conflict.
II. It becomes difficult to control body temperature
And physical activities during hot weather the body through sweat cooling process is completed. If you do not receive the same amount of liquid sweat when it emerged that means that your body does not have enough water for the cooling process to continue. For this reason, many people hit suffered a stroke during the summer. As a result, heat stroke, dehydration temperature outside can not be stuck in the body. More acute in some cases it can.
3. After contribute to kidney
Sewerage from the body and plays an important role in controlling blood pressure and water balance in the kidneys. Very bad influence on the fatal loss of kidney. As a result, the kidneys are progressively disruptors. As a result, in some cases, kidney stones can be.
4. Headache
The most common symptoms of persistent headache is dehydration. The researchers found that taking adequate amounts of water if the headaches are alleviated within three hours.
5. Heart may be affected
Blood pressure, heart rate and blood concentration relate to each other. Taking water out of your body and the water is generally on the concentration of the blood is regulated. That is, the blood concentration of sweat decreases. If the loss is caused by a heart to pump blood is a lot more to do. This may feel physical exhaustion, especially during the summer.
6. Dry skin
Are you drinking the amount of water depends on the health of your skin. Because of the elasticity of the skin, which contains 30% water protects. As a result, the skin may become dry and skin elasticity may be reduced.
7. Severe abdominal pain
Pakistani doctors found that most of their patients who are vomiting, severe abdominal pain, back pain and leg pain, including symptoms of the problem was a serious Water loss infected patients who come to them. They rehydration therapy as a result of their symptoms are alleviated.
Diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, frequent urine as a result of diabetes and the body becomes dehydrated. Children suffer more than adults Water loss. Because their body is 70-65 percent water. According to BBC News, one in every five older people do not drink enough water daily. Many people forget to drink water. As a result, dehydration increases the risk of dementia in the elderly. So drink enough water to stay healthy.

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