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Housewife’s hand beauty ..


Although there are a whole bunch of cold drinks in the summer nature. The body is wet with sweat, but he ruksmata skin occurs. Kaji was on the most stressful of all jobs. Cooking, house, clean cloth to wash hands frequently with water is bhejate. Ruksma normal tightens the skin becomes more and more away. Smoke rises from the skin, palm-back becomes coarse, which is utterly incompatible with your appearance. But little attention from work grhinidera required to sustain the beauty is something very difficult. Just a little desire and the effort to increase acceptance of your hand. Stroke on stroke thrilled to loved ones before the tender need two hands pretty smooth. So let’s take a look at the rules.

– Hands should be washed well after cooking. If the black spots around the nail gently rub it out to be.

– Apply moisturizer after each hand washing can not be forgotten. This will reduce the coarseness.

– Once a week at home can menikiura. However, a large basin with warm water and a little shampoo, soak 5 to 10 minutes, and hands. With a small brush to wipe dirt from the nails to the gap. At the end of the removed glycerol or the cream will be applied. It is like regular skin and nails dutai.

– Hand rough day at the hands of a 15-minute soak in warm water. The lemon, sugar mixed together to ghasate with his hands for 10 minutes. Thus, if some day it will phiye hand polishing.

– Wash bath, rub your hands with skraba. The glycerin, lemon juice, rose water and apply the mixture every day. It will maintain both the brightness and smoothness.

– Every night before going to bed can rub olive oil or lotion. The skin becomes dry so that erosion.

– In addition, once a month, and hand massage parlor can get any better. It increases the blood circulation will increase the capabilities of inertia to overcome.

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