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Google April swelling “Many people lost their jobs,

gogleThe first to be launched in April, “Mike drop ‘option, customers took a negative turn in the process of Google. The additional option of a ‘send’ button, which was the last conversation with the Gmail e-mail users could suddenly, dropping the mic ‘and clicking.

“Mike send + drop ‘options will be sent to the e-mail, but it would be the last conversationĀ mail. If you answered no mail, e-mail and he will not see you. ‘Looked like a Gmail message.

“Mike Drop ‘is a popular meme. This means that the microphone is placed at the end of the statement, and then the faces.

When you press the button, Google’s e-mail as well as an animated ‘Mike drops’ minion went GIF images. The e-mail exchange would have been silent. The mail has been sent by mail, but the mail without any notification ‘All Mail’ folder were submitted. Users usually do not open this folder.

After running this option, Gmail users have been humiliated to friends. Many people lost their jobs, hobbies. Many were irritating co-worker. Within a few hours of intense response from customers to turn off this option to Google.

Mike drops like a meme?
In a statement, the company said, “This is an occasion to be a lot of fun this year. However, this new option is more funny than the headache. We are sincerely sorry. This option has already been closed. If you still see one option, then they are asked to reload the Gmail page. “

However, the fun of it had escaped from the business customer, Gmail users. They were warned in advance about this button.

In response to users, according to many, it seemed boring GIF image, one of many important official e-mail sent to the wrong people are in danger 2030.

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