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Green mango juice

mangoI will not mind something like extreme heat and cold. But streetscapes unhealthy eating home-made drink should drink. Otherwise, the risk of disease is different. So pay special attention to health and wellness is to remove the various delicious and healthy drinks at home. There is plenty of raw mangoes in the market now. The mango pickles or sauces that just tairitei is used, it is not that. Taira with raw mango juice is a nice taste. Let’s, however, quick to learn recipes nii

Materials: Raw Mango 4, water 8 cups, syrup or sugar when needed, a bit of salt 1 teaspoon, sarisagumra 1 teaspoon, raw maricabata half a teaspoon, mint leaves paste 1 tablespoon salt, half a teaspoon or the amount.

Method: Peel the mango cooked to drop bundles of chene. Blend all the ingredients together and frost blendare to serve with you.

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