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E-Screen will oxygen levels in the body

e skinThis is the first time scientists have been able to create electronic screen. The screen grids of the oxygen levels in the body can be found. The screens are very thin. It has display. The display can be mounted easily on the skin of the hands.

Japanese researchers have developed the e-screen. They worked at the University of Tokyo.

According to the Web site bharja technology, the screen can be used in the medical field as well as paridheyayogya technology products. Watch especially smut, phitaneta trekare this technology would be very helpful. Calories the body, as well as temperature measurements it is known that oxygen levels.

E-Skin Innovation’s chief researcher, and his co-researchers said tamayauki iyokata, finger plugging the device measures blood oxygen levels.

Iyokata “This device can be directly photovoltaic sensors on different parts of the body and blood oxygen levels measured before and after surgery.”

Scientists have used this to create super-thin electronic screen, polymer organic light imetim dayodasa (pielaidi). It’s basically a small-sized power-saving lamp. It has three colors. Black, green and blue. When the light turns on when the body heat and electric heated palasake be quenched.

The display of the logo will be displayed. Any logo and number on it, such as 1, 3, can be displayed. Talks in hands calculator screen.

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