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Exercise during pregnancy

pegnantBefore the mother, as well as many thought, there is a lot of dreams. Do not fail to take care of the body with proper eating and drinking and sister and mother. The utmost care nine months, the future mother and her future child is waiting for a new identity. However, not only is the new identity, we need a healthy mother and a healthy baby. If the mother needs to get healthy exercise as well as some of the best food-plan.

Walking of the best options to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy. The walk will your muscle. The body will be active. More oxygen into the body. Not only will sleep well.

During pregnancy many women Morning, lower back pain, stomach problems, discomfort in the body, could not sleep properly as a different problem arises. If you walk regularly during pregnancy, you will see a lot of these problems can be reduced automatically. Morning or afternoon, when will the time, somewhat Walk. Walk 0-30 minutes a day. However, do not walk continuously for a long time. Sometimes I take a little rest, Drink. Go back then. Do not walk too loud. Walk slowly. Note that during the walk, your heartbeat normal heartbeat that is not much bigger than the increase. This time, do not read too high heels. legs out in front of the night toes toward stay a few minutes. Then go back to the beginning.

Regular exercise is very important to the future health of the mother and child. However, if your gynecologist told to take complete rest, then you do not need to exercise. Please exercise otherwise.

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