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Keep these 6 food list in Menstrual period time!

woman eating foodMenstrual Period time is quite difficult and challenging time for each woman. Almost every woman in this time is to go through the physical and mental problems. Stomach pain, mental instability, stomach cramps, mood changes, etc. are very common problem. This fix can be found by choosing the right foods. This time, there are some foods that you should eat some foods should not eat. This feature is something that the name of the food.

1. Calcium foods

A glass of warm milk will comfort you during menstruation. According to the Internal Medicine calcium and vitamin D may reduce the symptoms of piemaesa. Even the food muscle pain, stomach pain away. Milk, milk foods, eggs should be eaten at this time.

II. Protein foods

Peas, eggs, fish, meat and vegetables diet Keep this period. Protein controls blood sugar and sweet foods intake reduces the interest.

3. Bananas

Potassium, vitamin B6, essential nutrients are more a result of the banana. This time, many women are experiencing diarrhea problems. Put a banana daily diet during this time. This will prevent the body’s calcium needs with diarrhea.

4. Magnesium, potassium and vitamin-rich foods

Magnesium, potassium foods, muscle tension, helps reduce stomach pain. Sweet pumpkin seeds, bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, avocados magnesium, potassium, one of the sources. Vitamin B6 prevents flatulence and mood changes. Broccoli, tomatoes, lemons, oranges, corn, and foods rich in vitamin B6.

5. Foods rich in omega three

Salmon, tuna, almonds, any marine fish contains plenty of omega three. One study found that women who took fish oil per day, or 6 grams of Fish Oil PMS error is much less.

6. Water

The amount of water you should drink plenty of time. Water keeps the body Hydrated. In which the muscle tension, muscle pain, stomach pain helps to decrease.

At the moment we should eat less salt and salty foods. The extra sugary foods, fast food, refrain from eating.

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