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Stay healthy to take 9 Strategy in Ramadan!

foodAlmost all of the people some of the health problems that are read during Ramadan. This problem is largely due to unhealthy eating. Do not eat all day from the Iftar. Purple, potato chop, etc. jilapi read various health problems due to drinking. Some of these rules to protect them from possible health problems. Let us know what factors can remain healthy following the Ramadan.

1. If you are looking for a little more sleep than if Iftar, the biggest mistake is going to do. D in the first match of the day Sehari, it should refrain from eating. Sehari body metabolic rate decreases due to not eating, which is due to excessive iftar meal is eaten. Which increases your weight.

2. Regular exercise is quite difficult during Ramadan. Walk a few minutes after iftar and Sehari. This will help keep your metabolic rate up and running. And will increase resistance to disease.

3. The Prophet (peace be upon him) to follow the Golden Rule. Full eat their fill. With a little empty stomach eating habits. One-third of the food, drink and one-third to one-third of the stomach emptying.

4. Additional refrain from eating sugary foods and processed food fasting period.

5. Do not rush the time of breaking the fast by eating a slow stroll. The first to break the fast with dates and water, then slowly start eating a heavy meal stroll. Fresh fruits, vegetables or soup diet can be.

6. During a sleep in the afternoon light. This all-day fatigue strength will go away.

7. Iftar and Sehri time is 8 to 1, try to drink a glass of water. The sweet drinks, juice, etc. It is better to drink than to drink.

8. Refrain from eating extra food. Refrain from excessive eating iftar meal. This creates digestive problems. The diarrhea, constipation create problems.

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