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Some wonderful things to muscle tension because!

lagAfter running into a problem common to be pulled muscle after exercise. Until this issue does not bother us as we frequently do the neglect. Do you know about the attack because of the muscle and is easy to find the way to salvation. Let’s get to know about the reasons why muscle tension.

1. Dehydration

Panisunyata create nutritional deficiencies in the body. If you are unable to meet the shortage of minerals and fluids in the body electrolyte imbalance, and then drag to create muscle. It is usually during the summer and after heavy exercise or during exercise. Dehydration due to excessive sweating. Drink enough water every day to avoid loss.

2. Type of seat

Muscle tension can be caused by some cases of the living. If you had to sit in a part of the body may be feeling more pressure if the muscle tension. If any part of the body is less supply of oxygen and Nutrients. I always sit right position.

3. Hypoxia

If you frequently read muscle tension, especially at night, it may be due to blood clotting or to hypoxia. Refrain from pressuring the affected area. Instead of trying to foment hot.

4. Lack of vitamin

Vitamin B-1 deficiency of red blood cells and the anaemia shortage. Red Blood cells oxygen supply to various parts of the body. Because of the lack of muscle contraction increases the problem. For this problem to be free from foods rich in vitamin B-1, such as fish, meat, milk and eggs Khan.

5. Potassium deficiency

Did you know that potassium deficit may be responsible for muscle contraction? Ilektrolatera shortage of potassium balance in the body changes and increases the chances of muscle contraction. Therefore, foods rich in potassium such as bananas, dried fruits and vegetables, eat.

6. Due to medicine

This type of medication in the body electrolyte balance may change. As a result, muscle coordination and control is changed. Muscle tension occurs frequently if you read it, talk to your doctor.

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