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Diabetes patients can eat 7 types fruit

fruitAt present, diabetes is a disease very familiar and common. Medication to control diabetes, the disease is more important than diet. What to eat and what not to eat a lot of the confusion that patients with diabetes. This time, refrain from eating sweets and sweet foods are eaten with the fruit so that they became hesitant. But some of the fruit that is quite beneficial for patients with diabetes. Patients with diabetes can eat the fruit uninterruptedly.

1. Apple

An apple a day keep the doctor away, and Khan have in common. This concept applies to patients with diabetes. Apple fiber, anti-oxidants, and vitamin C helps to reduce calories. In addition, Type II diabetes, lowering blood sugar control.

2. Orange and citrus fruit

Orange is one of the sources of fiber. Various studies have shown that citrus fruit reduces the risk of diabetes. But this increase in diabetes is the national fruit juice again. Orange Glucose Index (GI) 40, but without sugar, orange juice, glucose Index (GI) 50. So these are more healthful to eat than to drink fruit juice.

3. Black berry

Black berry fruit is extremely beneficial for controlling diabetes. Black berry helps to keep blood sugar levels under control. Diabetes by eating the seeds are crushed blackberries and black also.

4. Cherry

Cherry made insulin in the blood up to 50%. It is ideal for patients with diabetes because of antioxidant fruits and low carbohydrate’s. Keep daily diet cherry fruit.

5. Guava

Another important for patients with diabetes to eat the fruit of the guava. Guava plenty of vitamin C and vitamin A, which is very beneficial for the health of patients sugar. You can eat the fruit without Constriction.

6. Kiuyi

There was a time that a foreign country would not be the result. But nowadays, it can be seen in the market in our country. This is a very healthy fruit for patients with diabetes. The fruit helps to reduce blood sugar levels and keeps body healthy.

7. star fruit

The local sour fruit is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. star fruit have plenty of vitamin C, which helps control diabetes.

The plum, myrobalan, sour plum, etc., local fruits helps control diabetes.

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