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Lifestyle Changes needed to solve the problem of acidity!

acidAcid needed to digest the food we eat. But the problem is when acid levels increased. Also taking antacids frequently can be seen in a variety of side effects. Life style changes in the acidity and acid reflux problems can be solved, then what is? What kind of life you’re going to assume that the problem can be resolved by changing the acidity.

1. 3-4 hours is not much time between the two dishes to keep a watch. It takes an average of 3-4 hours to digest food. After the acid produced in the stomach starts automatically. Then, if the mucous lining of the stomach acid produced in the stomach of food if you do not begin to work on is acid reflux.

2. Eat at the same time every day. Brain, stomach, muscle and has memory cells during the meal. If you do not start the production of acid in the body. So your morning breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner every day, try to eat at the same time.

3. Eat slowly and chew well and eat will benefit the digestion. If you do not chew food well and eat a big piece of food in the stomach, then you can very quickly eat. Will produce more acid in the stomach to digest the large Food particles. Also accept additional acid will prevent nutrients from food.

4. Please note that eating what kind of crime. When you grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, seeds, pulses, etc. Eat foods in the right amount of acid secreted by the stomach to break them. Eating junk food or too much salt or sugar rich food in the stomach to digest the excess acid is produced. The problem is due to a lack of acidity.

5. Eat more alkaline or alkaline foods. Because they are protected from damage by excess acid. Drinking water and lemon, carrot and cucumber Khan. Drink enough water every day also. Water will help to protect the acid balance.

6. If you are taking any medication or antibiotics if take . Some drugs also have side effects can be a problem because of the acidity. With the good bacteria and the bad bacteria to antibiotics and vitamins to destroy. As a result, additional acid could be produced.

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