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BPL full schedule.


Match No Dates and times Time Matches Venue
1 November 4, Friday 2:30 pm Comilla victorians -Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
2 7.15 pm Rangpur Riders-Khulna Titans Dhaka
3 November 5, Saturday 2pm Barisal Bulls-Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
4 7pm Comilla victorians-dhaka dynamites Dhaka
5 November 6, Sunday 2pm Rangpur Riders-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
6 7pm Barisal Bulls-Khulna Titans Dhaka
7 8 November, Tuesday 2pm Barisal Bulls-dhaka dynamites Dhaka
8 7pm Comilla victorians-Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
9 9 November, Wednesday 2pm Khulna Titans-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
10 7pm Rangpur Riders-Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
11 November 11, Friday 2:30 pm Comilla victorians-Barisal Bulls Dhaka
12 7.15pm dhaka dynamites-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
13 November 12, Saturday 2pm Chittagong Vikings-Khulna Titans Dhaka
14 7pm Rangpur Riders-dhaka dynamites Dhaka
15 November 13, Sunday 2pm Barisal Bulls-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
১৬ 7pm Comilla victorians-Khulna Titans Dhaka
17 17 November, Thursday 2pm dhaka dynamites-Chittagong Vikings Chittagong
18 7pm Rangpur Riders-Barisal Bulls Chittagong
19 November 18, Friday 2:30 pm Chittagong Vikings-Rajasahi Kings Chittagong
20 7.15pm Comilla victorians-Rangpur Riders Chittagong
21 November 19, Saturday 2pm dhaka dynamites-Khulna Titans Chittagong
22 2pm Comilla victorians-Rajasahi Kings Chittagong
23 November 1, Monday ২.০০টা dhaka dynamites-Rajasahi Kings Chittagong
24 7pm dhaka dynamites-Chittagong Vikings Chittagong
25 November22, Tuesday 2pm Rangpur Riders-Khulna Titans Chittagong
26 7pm Barisal Bulls-Chittagong Vikings Chittagong
27 November 25, Friday 2:30 pm Rangpur Riders-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
28 7.15pm Barisal Bulls-Khulna Titans Dhaka
29 November 26, Saturday 2pm Comilla victorians-dhaka dynamites Dhaka
33 7pm Khulna Titans-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
31 November 27, Sunday 2pm Barisal Bulls-dhaka dynamites Dhaka
32 7pm Rangpur Riders-Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
33  November 29, Tuesday 2pm Comilla victorians-Barisal Bulls Dhaka
34 7pm Chittagong Vikings-Khulna Titans Dhaka
35 November 30, Wednesday 2pm Rangpur Riders-dhaka dynamites Dhaka
36 7pm Barisal Bulls-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
37 December 2, Friday 2:30 pm Rangpur Riders-Barisal Bulls Dhaka
38 7.15pm dhaka dynamites-Chittagong Vikings Dhaka
৩৯ December 3, Saturday 2pm Comilla victorians-Khulna Titans Dhaka
৪০ 7pm Chittagong Vikings-Rajasahi Kings Dhaka
৪১ 4 December, Sunday 2pm Comilla victorians-Rangpur Riders Dhaka
৪২ 7pm dhaka dynamites-Khulna Titans Dhaka
৪৩ 6 December, Tuesday 2pm Eliminetara round (3rd and fourth party) Dhaka
৪৪ 7pm 1st qualifier (1st and second team) Dhaka
৪৫ December 7, Wednesday 7pm The second qualifier (1st qualifier and defeated the team won eliminetara) Dhaka
৪৬ 9 December, Friday 7pm The final (two wins and two qualifiers 1) Dhaka
10 December Reserve day for final

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