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The necessity of the common things that increase asthma problems

jorWe all know that the problem of dust and pollen increases pollen asthma or asthma. But you know a lot more tears asthma problems also are likely to rise? If you have problems with your asthma increases for any reason, your problem is not recognized. So you can avoid asthma attacks or to prepare for a possible attack. The necessity of increasing the problem of asthma is something that I know about this feature.

1. Lightning rain storm

The scientific study published in the journal Current Allergy and Asthma is known that the problem of lightning after a dramatic increase in asthma. Thunder split and airborne pollen allergen free time. As a result, increases the risk of asthma attacks and asthma sufferers.

II. Severe smile or cry

3. Stress

If you feel your chest tighten at strese be cautious. Suffer from stress symptoms of asthma may experience chest pressure are reported to the brain, behavior and immunity, the Journal reports.

4. Food additives

Artificial color, synthetic perfume and preservatives can cause asthma attacks. When buying packaged food so that level of good read.

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