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Is this better than the loss of ice from Antarctica

Is-this-better-than-the-loss-of-ice-from-AntarcticaScientists say the Antarctic ice was melting so alarming stage. The scientists told something different. According to the US space agency NASA, the amount of the Antarctic ice melting from the ice there this better. This information was revealed in a recent NASA study.

NASA satellite image from the 199 to 001 of this study is. There has been, in the period of a year, ie 112 billion tons of ice.

A survey from 003 to 008 are in peril. I have seen a little less amount of ice accumulation. 8 billion tons a year.

NASA said glesiolajista J. Jolly, Antarctic Peninsula, and West Antarctic ice galeche thoyaitasa and the amount of pine island, the opposite has been caught up in the inner west into eastern ayantarkatikara.

This places the snow galeche, gathered more than. He said that over the last few decades the amount of ice galeche. According to a recent survey by the accumulation of ice in Antarctica it will be back to his old form.

The scientists also said global warming Sea level rise due to melting of snow ayantarkatikara but the 023 millimeters of water per year is up. That is, it is being re-freeze. It is the ‘give and take’ policy is.

According to the IPCC report, the rising sea level per year, an increase of 027 millimeters is not responsible for the whole of Antarctica. NASA geologists claimed.

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