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For women, the youth and the five food.

thebd24Workload, lack of care for his young age and lack of awareness about food dabare to hurt women the most. The beauty of the skin, the body structure at all unusual to lose. Some of the problems are often seen in women of reproductive excess in the body.

Soon afterward age so that the impression of more. The content of the balanced supply of nutrients necessary to maintain long-term beauty. There are some foods that are very beneficial to the young woman. So let’s have about five meals.


Eat more vegetables are very good for the body. The different types of greens, beans, broccoli, lettuce leaves, cabbage diet-these may be.

The high amount of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and folic acid sources. There are four important minarela calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. If your daily diet to try these foods.


Contains wheat within 96 percent of the fiber, nutrients and vitamins. Analysts, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta contains high quality nutrients. This meal can be diet. The kind of food to meet the nutritional needs of the body of a woman is very important.


Badamake food must be kept in the list. This protein, magnesium, a good source of vitamin E and vitamin B, which is struggling with heart disease and cancer.

The high level of calories, but fat is good for the heart. Nuts can be eaten as snacks in the afternoon. However, do not eat. Week 15 0 almonds, walnuts or cinabadamai enough.


Nanibihina yogurt vitamins, high quality source of protein and calcium. These healthy bacteria, which is struggling with the disease. Eat three to four cups a week is good for health. However, make sure that does not know any of them taking daiti.

Berry-national fruit

Berry-fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, Jami high amounts of fiber and anti-oxidants. This anti-oxidant not only reduce jhumkikei various diseases, improve the working memory. Anti-oxidant can not be compared to the beauty of the skin.

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