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When the bus and the train is nausea? Know 10 ways to solve this problem.

thebd2407If you traveled by bus, train, launch, fly some aircraft needed. Many of the vehicle when the nausea and discomfort is felt as the rotating head. This is called motion sickness. Bus or the train jolt, this problem was largely due to the loss of the aircraft launches bob and others.

Abdominal distraction feeling, rotating head, tinnitus occurs as can be. Today, out of the bus or train to escape from this kind of motion sickness when the vehicle is very simple but effective ways to reduce nausea.

1) Before any vehicle should eat and what you should look at crime. Additional soft drinks, sour-spicy food, do not eat at all. Guess they do not need to defend some of those who suffer problems arise. Eat a lot of red light in the distance.

2) additional odor or refrain from eating sweet snacks. If you want to eat some of the vehicle during the dry chips to eat small amounts of food. Do not drink the water.

3) the degree to face the front of the moving vehicle would not sit on the other side of her. Motion is the opposite of the strong nausea. Sit face to sense the vehicle moving along.

4) Beware of the bus, sitting in the back of the seat. Cause discomfort, which takes over at the back of the flick.

5) Keep an eye on the ground as much as possible path. Outside view shows the focus. Though I sit staring at the bottom or top of the nausea and discomfort.

6) Motion sickness is that any book they read during the ride up or do not try to visit some of the mobile phone or laptop. There will be no more discomfort.

7) is closed at the issue more. So when the bus or train from the window of fresh air to be able to take away the nausea itself. For aircraft or large fixed window does not apply to the AC bus.

8) on their way to other passengers saw someone sick, vomiting becomes worse, much worse, so the passengers away from the focus on attention or listen to music with eyes closed.

9) is the most sensible thing to fall asleep. You can fall asleep to escape from this uncomfortable feeling. Will work better.

10) To remove the vehicle Before the nausea can take the drugs. If you have this problem in a very short distances and frequent doctor’s advice if you have to take medication.

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