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Does not being built Mahi’s ‘Dhamaka’

Malekaaphasari the ‘Droid’ mahiya Mahi was supposed to appear in the film. Everything was fine. Mahi was two times the programs. But before the shooting stopped, and “dhamakara journey. According to the director, the producers agreed not to aphasarira Malik, the film director, and not build.

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Oboni advertised of Grameenphone

The development of the tourism industry of the country, the private mobile operator Grameenphone advertising. The possibility of the tourist areas of the country has highlighted several issues. The district has been completed Pirganj bijnapanacitratira portrayal. He made it Kislu Ghulam Haider. Sankara took part in the munajarina model. It’s the first time the Sankara experience in commercials.

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Did you know, who are the world’s top 10 Belle?

2015¬†went to the end. who are beautiful this year, you know? Online ratings websites’ aiemadibi in accordance with the list of the 10 Most Beautiful Women of the Year highlighted in the report are: 1. Seilina udali US actress seilina udali is number one on this list. 4-year-old beauty is five feet eight inches in height.

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Naila will dance in the clouds Country

As the daughter of the item song in the film, has already topped Naeem Naila. The presentation is open to the motions of the diverse manufacturers keen to work with him. Therefore, the continuation of the Minhaj probably nodding directed meghakanya ‘, a new film is going to pararphama with the item song.

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To the small screen again ’24’!

Anil Kapoor flew up tensions. Bollywood actor-producer extreme uttejanayadina next project spending. Why? Hit TV Series ’24’ was being brought again to. Sarajagano Hollywood thriller TV series’ first season, 24 in the local version of the great hit To the small screen.

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