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Coming gangsters running campaigns

Apurba is the same actor? He took the pistol on fire in retaliation. Or why he played it really became the villains? All are ok. Just a few days ago, the news was known to her only son, and the women are quite good. Why is it now that he is a villain, and an international quality models walking around ...

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The Dhaka kalpataru was filled Calcutta

Bharatanatyam classical dance festival in Kolkata, Dhaka was filled kalakatabasike kalpataru dance school students to serve. Rabindra Sadan in Kolkata on Monday evening on stage at the festival kalpatarura Bharatanatyam dance performances by artists fascinated with the Kolkata crowd.

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Preity’re married. Who Groom?

Finally, please phutala wedding flowers. Dogs are bound to be heard next January or actress Preity Zinta ways.But who vessel?After the breakup of the relationship with Ness Wadia jariyechilena heroine about whom? Known, highest-be husband, a US citizen.

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The fiftieth birthday gift for Salman’s fans !

Superstar Salman Khan, career, career achievements and most memorable year 015 Year! This is the best year of his career because of the pictures have been released. In the meantime, a ‘bajarangi Brother “and the newly released” Love Ratan payo treasure. But the vessel was not going to stop here, announced the celebration of its The fiftieth year, bringing the ...

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Shahrukh emotional of Fane shooting

 Last year Shahrukh Khan did Just a starred in Bollywood , however, to be satisfied with last year’s, and refuses Shahrukh one of the pictures. So, he started to work in several films this year. The upcoming film “Promotion of dilaoyalera are busy Shahrukh the full-time, and he began his next film, shooting of phyana. And the shooting of the filmShahrukh went a ...

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Priyanka is my first friend in Bollywood: Deepika

When Bollywood Deepika landed, he established Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. But his friendship with the first set foot in the newly Bollywood actress Deepika padukonera, thus making friendship with Priyanka told the story of the growth of Deepika Padukone. The upcoming film “bajirao mastanira the promotion of friendship with Priyanka Chopra, Deepika said spoke. Deepika said foothold in Bollywood since ...

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