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Mymensingh lucid journey festival suddenly parimani !

Mahua-Maluya Mymensingh region is called. Art, literature and culture in the city of Mymensingh Circuit House ghorei cut dinakalasamprati people of this region are going to clarify the 10-day festival. Urban people from the evening of the day after finishing with them to the city to meet at this place. 14 November evening to see the Circuit House ground appeared ...

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Super Girl Sunny Leone

Bollywood superheroes to checkmate the coming Super Girl! Such news is rotated around Sunny Leone. Was heard, He is the first Bollywood Super Girl! However, any film is not being rotated as Super Girl Sunny. As can be seen in the new music video Bhushan Kumar. And, so the video is hit, the responsibility for managing Bhushan Kumar Ahmed Khan ...

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Toma Mirza in anti drug film.

Actress Toma Mirza was signed for a new film . MK Zaman create the image. Initially, the film was named Abdication. The director said the name could change. Toma Mirza said about the film , ‘Here, I’ll play the role of a drug addict daughter, with whom he would go ahead with the story of the movie. ” Director MK ...

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Sajal-bonds ‘leaves room’

DHAKA: At this time the small and big screen actor who starred together in the first overflow and stopping Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar’s ‘silent forest’ as a film. And the two have played together in several dramas. We found them again ‘leaves room’ as a drama. GM beach bhinnagharanara a story written and directed by and stopping the overflow has played ...

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Faria Nusrat new film co-productions

Bangladesh-India joint production of the new film is another actress Nusrat Faria. The film is not just the name of the Eskay Movies Jazz Multimedia and India. Faria said the film’s premiere to be held in Kolkata on Saturday. Maharate he left today to join in the evening. Before flight from Shahjalal International Airport banlameilake said, “are going for four ...

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Aamir is not in sequel of ‘Lagaan’ film.

There is a saying that the fate of the times that people can change. Bollywood as well as the Oscar-nominated “Lagaan” was supposed to be played by the Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan film. But he refused to go to Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker, Aamir Khan. Amir agreed that the success of the film reached the top. But the topic of ...

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