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Magic ingredient can relieve severe depression, according to a study

Psilocybin, the psychedelic magic mushrooms compound, may one day be an effective treatment for patients with severe depression who can not recover the use of other therapies, scientists said Tuesday. A small-scale pilot the use of psilocybin in cases of treatment-resistant depression showed it was safe and effective, according to British researchers study. Of the 12 patients who received the ...

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7 magnitude earthquake in Russia

Strong earthquake hits eastern Russia. The magnitude 7 on the Richter scale. Saturday morning, the US Geological Survey said the quake struck. According to the company, at 3 pm GMT struck under 5 minutes. Eyelijovho 160 kilometers deep and 95 kilometers northeast of the earthquake origin. National and Gulf Tsunami Warning Center said the quake, there is no threat of ...

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Suicide bomber kills 8 in Nigeria!

In a crowded market in Nigeria’s north-eastern Adamaowa At least 8 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack. Also, more than 8 people were injured. Al Jazeera quoting witnesses, said on Friday in a crowded market in the town of Gommi accident. The injured have been admitted to various hospitals. Some of them are in critical condition, according to ...

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UFO’s in the sky of India? (Video)

Gorakhpur, India UFO was seen in the sky! Large gray object in the sky on Saturday, witnesses could not see anything else, explains. However, the official did not confirm that the UFO’s were not immediately available. The picture is now gone viral on social media. The spread of speculation. The Saturday market in Gorakhpur, the priest suddenly appeared in the ...

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French air strike on Syria ISO bases

In Paris, on Sundayone day after the worst terrorist attack to take revenge on the French. Paris Friday after he admitted responsibility for the attack on bases of the ISO has started to attack France.The statement, in the first attack, an attack of ISO settings, ISO jihadist recruitment camp and a raid on a training camp hayechedbitiya destruction arsenal has ...

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Is this better than the loss of ice from Antarctica

Scientists say the Antarctic ice was melting so alarming stage. The scientists told something different. According to the US space agency NASA, the amount of the Antarctic ice melting from the ice there this better. This information was revealed in a recent NASA study. NASA satellite image from the 199 to 001 of this study is. There has been, in ...

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